As of writing this, Bitcoin just hit 29,786. This means we just broke a major support level. We got a fake break out at 41,000 earlier, which indicated to me that we were still in a bull run. I believe that the bull run is officially over. This was the last major support and it managed to get broken. I don’t see any more major support levels. This was the last one and I am very bearish on Bitcoin at the moment.

Source: Binance.

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So in today’s blog, we went over some very important patterns. Today we talked about Volume Exhaustion and how important it is for us traders to be aware of them and understand the point of what it is and how we can optimize it in our trading. If you are new to trading, we help our readers get a better hang of trading and I try to also share my own opinion about certain topics.

Take care everyone and I wish everyone a great day.